Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

Looking for a dress...

 My friend is a maid of honor next month and we were looking for
 a dress yesterday. Six hours later we finally 
found the perfect dress for her. 
Here are 3 of the dresses she has tried on. The images are not the best, but you are not allowed to take pictures in this store.
Here is my lovely friend S & the dresses:D
This isn´t me on those pics !

 This one was the first dress she´s tried on

 ...back view

 This one was beautiful...but stilll not the perfect one

...and finally the perfect dress - she bought this one. 
She wants to du big curly hair, red lips and nails, pretty shoes and diamond necklace :D

...back view

Which is your favorite dress?
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Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Matoshimo...the Cutest Place in my hood!
...Part 2

I shared with you "the cutest place in my hood" two weeks ago. For those of you who didn´t saw Part 1 you can see it here

I want to show you who is behind Matoshimo and 
creates all the lovely things:D

Meet Mo:


Leather adress book


Pretty earrings

Store inside 

Handmade books


 ...creating a lamp

 Little dolls

Unique scotch tapes

Matoshimo - art exhibiton

I hope you enjoyed Part 2!

Contact & Request: via Facebook
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Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

Colors by Nature

Here are my Colors by Nature nails of the day:

Nails: Astor
   Bracelets: Accessorize
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Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

The Secret Garden

I love the Secret Garten book written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. There is this Garten where miracles happen.


...for those who don´t know the book, here is the movie trailer:

Here comes my German version of the Secret Garten :D





 I hope you've got some lovely decorating ideas.

I received all the lovely pictures from Gerd Bosch Flowers Store in Mengen.

special Thanks to my ly friend Heike

What is your favorite flower?

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Pretty Little Awards:D

I received three awards from the lovely Diana this week. I am so happy and I appreciate that! 
Diana is amazing, I love her blog and she is an inspiration to me:

Thank you girl!


I can pass these three awards on 12 blogs :D

After a month of blogging here are some of my fave blogs. 
My winners are:


I enjoy these blogs very much:D
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Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

Gagamu: stuff you`ll love - made with ♥!

I am looking for cool baby clothes for a friend´s baby lately and I accidently found some amazing things.
 It´s my pleasure to introduce to you Maike Epp. 
This girl is so creative. 
She makes fashion with passion: D
She is the designer and the owner of the most colorful brand in Stuttgart 
... gagamu!

Meet Maike - look at her cool gagamu cap...and the nails

I am really impressed because all the items are FAIR TRADE and the clothing is made of 100 % organic Cotton.

 The star of this little story is the cool moster ga-ga-mu. You can see the unique little friend everywhere in Stuttgart. The people are crazy about gagamu and they are wearing gagamu pieces all the time.

Gagamu bags


 Gagamu stuff - I love this picture!

Maike creates incredible fashion not only for children but also streetwear for adults.

Skateboard production


 Batic shirt & cap

Men shirt


 Baby set gagamu - batic style

Gift set 


Everything is made and wrapped with

Gift boxes

There are also gagamu cards, notebooks, blocks, party items, various bags, pillows, blankets and decoration items:

Various gagamu stuff

 Bubbles maker 

At the beginning Maike made all the cute stuff just for fun and for friends, but she got so many requests that she decided to open 
the gagamu store 4 months ago.

 Store outside


Store inside

 Then she hired Paul...the cutest gagamu model ever!
 The next big step for the trendsetter is to open own online store:D
What do you think about gagamu?

Contact & Request: via Facebook
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