Samstag, 29. September 2012

CUT! Michael Marschner

Michael creates unique collages from old books or magazines. 
Everything below is hand...CUT!  
and handmade!
The process is long till the perfect pieces are put together!
Enjoy Michaels´ amazing collages:

 Potraitecture 1 

 Der Unfall/the accident

Intra-extro 2

Potraitecture 2

Century-old ghosts

Aura 1

Contact & Request: 

What do you think about Michael´s work? 
Which collage is your favourite one?

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Freitag, 28. September 2012

Electric nails & Halloween contest

Today I have this blue color on my nails:

Nails: Maybelline 657
Bracelets: I am
Clutch/Bag: Mango
Scarf: H&M

I love bright colours on my nails in the fall! 
It makes me happy when it's raining all day.

What is your favourite fall nail polish right now?


There is a great Halloween contest on Demi´s blog:

I think that´s really cool idea and I´ve already sent her images. 
You can vote for my pictures, if you want 
or also to take part in this lovely contest:)

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Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Blutsgeschwister, Dear Old Manor

Wales, Pembrokeshire, the year is 1922:
 the splendid Manor House is illuminated and animated; 
a festive atmosphere is all around. 
The ageless beautiful landlady is a colorful character and always surrounded by her noble guest. 

She could seem to be an old maid without a man at her side, but in fact she set her heart on a love that was lost long away.
 It already started before the war, should have never happened but was there anyhow and every time. It was a deep and eternal love.

But when Rosemary Newport received the painful news about the death of her beloved one, it seemed that her heart stopped beating too. 
Just in this moment Manor house quit living, 
the clock on the wall stopped and there fell 
a deep silence on the stately home.

For decades, the only thing moving was the dust on the luxury furniture and the noble parquet flooring. Rambling weeds destroyed slowly but irresistibly the once perfect rose garden to a rough and beautiful wilderness.

Just to the day when the key turned in the old and rusty lock and Betty,
 the sophisticated niece of long 
deceased Rosemary, revitalized the old pile. 
After several years of study she returned from abroad to finally come into her inheritance.  

 She met her old classmate Laura who took over 
her father´s village shop and everything seemed to be as it used to be. 
When the two girls stepped into the house they brought Pembrokeshire back into life.

They loved to try on Aunt Rosie´s old wardrobe,
 to delve among precious old books and celebrated their sincere, 
old-new friendship.

And the brisk omniscient wind blew off some papers from the library 
to the autumn-fading rose garden, 
where thin and delicate letters wrote the words:
Forever…love always, your Rosie.

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